Implementing energy and climate measures at local level

Local and Regional governments play a vital role in the fight against climate change in the European Union. They are directly responsible for enabling and/or enforcing the implementation of national and European legislation into practice as they directly and indirectly control the development of their territories.


Dec 2022
Energy poverty Implementing energy and climate measures at local level Consumers and behavioural change

Social climate fund and ETS - Overview of ETS2/SCF studies

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Oct 2020
Climate planning, adaptation and resilience Implementing energy and climate measures at local level Capacity building Energy efficiency financing

A City Capability Assessment Framework Focusing on Planning, Financing, and Implementing Sustainable Energy Projects

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Knowledge hub
In the ENSMOV knowledge transfer platform, best practices, guidelines,
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January 2023 - December 2026

OptFor-EU Smart decisions for sustainable forest management

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November 2021 - November 2025

Regilience Regional Climate Resilient Development Pathways

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November 2022 - April 2025

JUSTEM Reducing local energy poverty by engaging the population in the transition to a greener future

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September 2020 - September 2023

Energee-Watch The European Network of Regional GhG Emissions and Energy Watch

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November 2022 - October 2025

Regio1st Implementing the Energy Efficiency First Principle in Regional Planning

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