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For ambitious and evidence-based climate and energy policies

Who we are

The Institute for European Energy and Climate Policy (IEECP) is a non-for-profit, independent research organisation. We act as a knowledge-hub sharing pragmatic results as well as innovative ideas providing policymakers, and all private and public decision-makers, independent expertise and science-based research to support their work towards the energy transition and a sustainable future.

Working, since 2015, on science-based climate change mitigation and adaptation, energy efficiency and renewable energy policy, IEECP’s international interdisciplinary team of experts generating and disseminating scientific knowledge is dedicated to proposing data-driven solutions, hands-on solutions and policies as well as strategic communication.

Gender and inclusivity

The IEECP Board of Directors and team are committed to apply an inclusive, gender-balanced, and non-binary approach to all activities. In line with the European Union’s (EU) guidelines and objectives, all employees recognise the importance of advancing gender analysis and sex-disaggregated data collection in the development of scientific research, and believe in equal opportunities, fair treatment, and non-discrimination.

Read our Gender Equality Plan

What we do

As Europe strives to become the first continent in the world to reach climate neutrality by 2050, IEECP provides solutions, networking platforms and knowledge to:

  • Ensure authorities have the right tools to deliver the EU Green Deal and Paris Agreement obligations,
  • Enable knowledge-exchange on energy efficiency and climate policy design, as well as implementation and evaluation of their impacts, with a focus on key energy transition topics.

IEECP has a rich experience in managing EU, climate action and energy transition projects – predominantly EU-funded, as coordinator or partner, engaging stakeholders, drafting policy syntheses and recommendations, evaluating policies, analysing data and statistics as well as developing tools, libraries, capacity building and learning programmes.
In addition, IEECP participates in or leads tenders on technical assistance for the European Commission or other national public authorities.
IEECP’s expertise lies in producing science-based energy and climate policy outputs through engaging stakeholders, evaluating policies, drafting policy syntheses and recommendations, analysing data and statistics, developing tools, libraries, capacity building and learning programmes, and more.
IEECP also participates in projects with a leading role for communication, dissemination and exploitation activities, producing detailed communication and dissemination plans and strategies, project identities, newsletters and user-friendly websites, managing social media accounts, organising events and networking opportunities. The team has proven experience in creating awareness for projects, showcasing their results and creating synergies with other projects.
The research team has a comprehensive list of scientific publications in scientific journals in the field of energy and climate policy, available on this website.

Topics we work on

Key Partnerships

We work closely with EU institutions, international organisations, national, regional and local governments, think-tanks, NGOs, academics and the business world to lead the transition to climate neutrality and to a sustainable energy future for various sectors.
We build valued partnerships with renowned organisations from across Europe as we believe collaboration and creating a community helps carrying our ideas and results further, to shape, together, a low-emissions, resilient future.
In addition, IEECP is involved in Advisory Boards of other organisations and EU projects as well as a registered member of eceee, Energy Evaluation, the Sustainable Energy Finance Association (SEFA) and more!

In 2023, we partner with the Smart City Expo World Congress.

Where we are

IEECP is registered as a Foundation in The Netherlands. Today, IEECP experts are based all over Europe, in Belgium, Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal, The Netherlands, The UK, and even further in the Emirates, enabling local exchange and having tacit knowledge of these geographical areas.

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