Zsolt Lengyel

General Secretary
Based in Hungary

Zsolt is a founding member of IEECP and has been serving as its Chairperson since its establishment in 2015.

Zsolt is an economist, a climate action policy veteran and specialist of the corresponding instruments, policies & measures (EU ETS, (I)NDCs, Kyoto Flexible mechanisms, TCFD, Paris Agreement Art 6. etc.) with an engagement in the full cycle – from design, implementation to evaluation & auditing – of climate change mitigation and resilience, globally.

He has worked more than twenty years on climate action after starting his career at the Environment & Geography Department of the London School of Economics, as a researcher, in 1995.

He now leads the Horizon 2020 “Paris Reinforce” team within IEECP. His recent Horizon 2020 exposure includes membership of the Scientific Advisory Board of TRANSrisk (Transitions Pathways and Risk Analysis for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaption Strategies) and CARISMA , “Coordination and Assessment of Research and Innovation in Support of climate Mitigation Actions”. Zsolt is also a member of Verico SCE, an EU cooperative of ETS/Climate and energy auditors and is an external assessor of the Swiss true&fair.expert.

He served as Team Leader and Key Expert of the EU Commission-funded €8.2 million & 4-year long project Clima East (2013 – 2017). Within this project, he supported in 2014-15 the development of INDCs for various developing and Annex I countries, focusing on both the mitigation and adaptation components, then supported the implementation of the respective NDCs.

Prior to that, he worked as Head of Climate Services and Lead Auditor of SQS (Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems), a UNFCCC-accredited DoE for CDM and AIE for JI (2010-2013), as one of the most experienced PoA auditors globally (10 PoAs validated as Lead Auditor), exposed to a wide variety of CDM, VER, Gold Standard and JI projects.

Prior to his auditing work, he spent 5 years (2005-2010) at the Dutch Government’s Carboncredits (ERUPT) initiative as Programme Advisor, where he covered both new carbon credit purchasing (CERUPT, ERUPT 5, ERUPT New Style) and the management of a cc. €60 million project portfolio as well as actively participating in methodological work under the UNFCCC.

Before that, he worked for Vertis and Chantrey Vellacott DFK on climate/energy/environmental policy and GHG-reduction projects at the installation level in various European countries, providing the two pioneering carbon purchase programmes – the Dutch ERUPT/Carboncredits and the World Banks’ Prototype Carbon Fund – with some of their first ever contracted projects.


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