Modelling and quantification

Modelling and quantification are key tools that can be used to support strategic decision making, refining of policies and support scenario designs and analyses for the long-term development of energy demand and greenhouse gas emissions for various sectors at EU and MS level. Performing simulation-backed analysis of policy strategies can be helpful to refine them, for instance to reduce energy poverty levels and improve household energy efficiency among low-income groups.


May 2023
Building renovation Heating and cooling Modelling and quantification Multiple benefits and the Efficiency First principle

Cost-benefit Analyses of Investments in the Energy Saving Measures of the Residential Sector in Central and Eastern Europe

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Dec 2022
Energy poverty Smart building and technologies Building renovation Modelling and quantification

Impacts of policies to decarbonize residential buildings on energy poverty in CEE/SEE countries and mitigation strategies – update

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Dec 2022
Building renovation Energy poverty Modelling and quantification

Policies to decarbonise residential buildings in Central, Eastern and Southern EU: impact on energy poverty and mitigation strategies

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Jan 2021
Modelling and quantification Multiple benefits and the Efficiency First principle Smart building and technologies

Report on international experiences with efficiency first

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streamSAVE partners will develop a user-friendly online platform to facilitate the exchange of knowledge ...
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Financing tool
A next generation energy efficiency meter named eensight was created by SENSEI. The eensight tool is base...
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