New factsheet translations by RENOVERTY make energy efficiency available to a larger audience



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Consumers and behavioural change
Energy poverty


Getting citizens and homeowners’ associations on board is key when planning renovation projects, and this is why the Horizon project ComAct developed five factsheets on key aspects related to energy efficiency and energy poverty reduction that will be made available to all local stakeholders and communities.

In the aim to identify relevant material that can be reused to raise awareness on the knowledge of citizens and households on energy efficiency, the LIFE project RENOVERTY translated the factsheets on energy consumption in many more languages, to share essential information related to energy efficiency and make it available to a larger audience.

In addition to the already available editions in English, Lithuanian, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, and Macedonian, the RENOVERTY consortium translated the factsheets in Croatian, Estonian, Slovenian, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. These languages correspond to the regions that will benefit from the individual Renovation Energy Efficiency Roadmaps (REEERs) developed by the project and are the following: Sveta Nedelja, Croatia ; Tartu, Estonia​; Bükk-Mak & Somló-Marcalmente-Bakonyalja Leader, Hungary; Zasavje, Slovenia; Parma, Italy​; Coimbra, Portugal; Osona, Spain.

If you want to read the other factsheets of the ComAct series, please find them at the links below:


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