IEECP annual report 2020 – celebrating 5 years!



Efficient and resilient energy system
Energy planning and mitigation

Welcome to the second edition of our annual report. The Institute for European Energy and Climate Policy (IEECP) is a non-for-profit, independent research foundation working, since 2015, on science-based climate change mitigation, energy efficiency and renewable energy policy, with an international interdisciplinary team of experts generating and disseminating scientific knowledge. 

We act as a knowledge-hub sharing pragmatic results as well as innovative ideas on many topics related to the energy transition and a decarbonised future providing policymakers, and all private and public decision-makers, with independent expertise and science-based research to support their work.  IEECP has a rich experience in producing science-based outputs for energy and climate policy and managing EU, climate action and energy projects, engaging stakeholders, drafting policy syntheses and recommendations, evaluating policies, analysing data and statistics as well as developing tools, libraries, capacity building and learning programmes. IEECP was established in The Netherlands in 2015. Today, IEECP experts are based all over Europe, in Belgium, Croatia, France, Greece, Hungary, The Netherlands, Portugal and Turkey enabling local exchange and having tacit knowledge of these geographical areas.

In 2020, the organisation grew with new team members as well as new projects kicked-off and attributed. A key project was successfully-closed and further changes brought to the Management Board. This annual report dives into these changes and presents the 2020 achievements and policy successes.

Download the annual report 2020.

If you missed the 2019 report, you can access it here.


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