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During this year’s eceee Summer Study, Marco Peretto (IEECP) presented the framework developed as part of the JUSTEM project for evaluating Territorial Just Transition Plans (TJTPs). The eceee Summer Study is an event held biannually where energy efficiency experts gather together for a full week to discuss and exchange new ideas in the field. 

The innovative framework consists of two matrices to be utilised in tandem, namely the impact matrix and the indicator matrix. This framework was developed to group in one place the different social, economic, demographic, and environmental impacts that result from the just transition. The impact matrix consists of 17 different impacts found through literature review, whereas the indicator matrix grouped 13 indicators intended to quantify the found impacts. 

The framework is intended to be utilised by local and regional authorities and policymakers to facilitate their understanding of which impacts resulting from the implementation of the just transition will affect their regions the most, providing them with a pragmatic way of quantifying such impacts.

The simplicity and practicality of the tool were appreciated by the various experts attending the presentation. Most importantly, it spurred interesting conversations about the importance of leaving no one behind in the most vulnerable regions to the just transition.

‘I was very happy to see the positive responses received to the innovative framework developed as part of the JUSTEM project. The two matrices can now be found on the JUSTEM web page, free to be tested and used by everyone, accompanied by an explanation to facilitate their usage. I hope you can find it useful and helpful!‘- Marco 

Plus, an additional tool created!

Based on the above framework, Marco Peretto and Diana Süsser also developed a template for decision-makers that can be used to assess the multiple impacts of just transitions. You can find it here  


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