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What do the projects AUDIT TO MEASURE and MATRYCS have in common? The goal to improve the overall energy efficiency of buildings and promote the use of sustainable practices.

The ambition of AUDIT TO MEASURE is to empower the European industrial transition and speed up the adoption of energy-saving measures (ESM) that emerge from energy audits. Recognizing the need for enhanced engagement strategies, AUDIT TO MEASURE aims to remove barriers to the implementation of ESM in companies: the project empowers energy managers and technical staff through tailored support, comprehensive cost-benefit analyses, and strategic value formulation focused on energy efficiency.

MATRYCS, in turn, capitalizes on modern technological breakthroughs, employing machine learning and big data to develop an AI-empowered framework for energy-efficient buildings. With services like energy prediction, KPI calculations, and digital twins, MATRYCS optimizes decision-making through real-time data analytics.

While AUDIT TO MEASURE and MATRYCS follow different paths, their combined efforts increase the leverage of their tools and approaches to energy efficiency in industry.

Combining projects for greater energy efficiency

MATRYCS’ Energy Conservation Measure tool complements AUDIT TO MEASURE’s Energy Saving Measure, which supports companies’ energy managers/technical staff in analysing energy efficiency with regard to technical, economic, and regulatory aspects, as well as other needs they may have.

Also, other services would be beneficial for the AUDIT TO MEASURE project: for example, the service dedicated to financing energy efficiency refurbishment, developed by MATRYCS, could provide investment evaluation and lower the gap between owners seeking energy-efficient upgrades and investors. The Digital Twin service also offered by the project opens the possibility to mine data used for machine learning predictions and overall data aggregation. Finally, the MATRYCS Visualization engine is solid based output tool for various types of data.


While MATRYCS is approaching the end, AUDIT TO MEASURE is just beginning to support companies in improving their energy efficiency.

The reports and other outcomes of the MATRYCS project are available in the project website; you can also follow the outcomes of AUDIT TO MEASURE in the project webpage.

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