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Energy audits are arguably an essential part of an effective energy transition – but what if we do nothing with their advice?

Studies show that energy audits seldom result in actions. Despite their interest in knowing what to do to make their business more energy efficient, companies often struggle to go from theory to practice, with intervention plans facing strong behavioural and economic barriers.

Still, industry remains as a key player in the European Union: not only it is a heavy energy consumer, but it also impacts the Union’s economy at a large scale. When energy prices reach new hights, action becomes urgent: companies must consume less energy, both to survive eventual shortages and to buffer against skyrocketing prices.

Looking to contribute with a much-needed push forward, IEECP is joining 9 European partners in a project that addresses the three most common barriers to the implementation of energy efficiency interventions in industry: lack of information, behavioural inertia, and economic discouragement.

#AUDIT2MEASURE will advocate for the benefits of implementing at least 125 measures in different industrial fields, engaging professionals of all seniority levels, in- and outside the decision-making flow, in a direct, hands-on capacity building programme.

60 companies from five State Members will pioneer this approach, representing some of EU’s most relevant and energy-intensive industrial sectors: chemical, iron, steel, automotive, machinery, pharmaceutical, plastic, ceramics, pulp and paper, and non-metallic mineral.

The 3-year project is funded by the European Union under LIFE program and will start in November 2022.

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