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Implementing energy and climate measures at local level
Energy poverty
Energy governance


In time for EUSEW 2024, JUSTEM has released its first policy brief. The brief details how EU policymakers can support the implementation of just transitions in coal regions across the EU.

Based on research from JUSTEM partners, the brief makes four key recommendations:

  • Promote bottom-up approaches to policy design and implementation that support active citizen participation.
  • Support territories to manage and monitor the positive and negative impacts of transitions away from coal.
  • Encourage Member States to sufficiently address energy poverty in the implementation of just transitions.
  • Enable investments in social and cultural just transition projects to “reshape” identity and create cohesion. 

The Just Transition Mechanism is a key tool of the European Green Deal to ensure that no one is left behind in the transition away from coal, but regions are facing challenges in making use of the mechanism and more support is needed to ensure that the transitions will be just for everyone. The brief shares evidence about how to make the transition just for all citizens.

Read the brief here and discover how EU policymakers can facilitate citizen participation, address transition impacts, tackle energy poverty, and contribute to new socio-cultural identities.

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