The DEESME & streamSAVE final event materials



Energy efficiency in industry and SMEs


The DEESME and streamSAVE projects held their joint final event, bringing together key stakeholders, policymakers, and innovators to celebrate the insights and experiences gained by different countries and companies in implementing energy efficiency policies.

The event featured engaging panel discussions with experts from diverse backgrounds, facilitating conversations and knowledge exchange. Speakers came together to discuss a wide range of topics to support the implementation of Article 3, 7, and 8 of the EED, which require countries to set energy targets, conduct energy audits, and establish energy efficiency obligations for energy companies.

Discussions focused on key aspects of the EED recast, such as accurate estimation of energy savings using deemed savings, improving energy audits in SMEs, and measuring and verifying energy savings resulting from energy efficiency actions. These topics are essential for achieving energy efficiency targets and making progress towards climate neutrality. Additionally, discussions addressed future actions, particularly on how to reach energy savings in the context of the EED recast.

The streamSAVE & DEESME project’s final event in Brussels served as a platform to celebrate the remarkable achievements in energy savings and underline the importance of collective action in achieving greater energy savings. Through their innovative solutions, collaborative partnerships, and inspiring discussions, the two projects have set a successful example for effective energy transition.

Thanks to all our speakers, moderators and participants for joining us at this final event!

After event materials:

You can find the recordings of all the panels:

Introduction with Ivana Rogulj (IEECP) and Nele Renders (VITO)

Panel 1:  Improving energy efficiency policies by understanding savings

Panel 2 : Achieving energy savings in industry

Panel 3: Future of energy savings and beyond in the context of the EED recast

Conclusions and summary


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