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Upon opening the “Make Energy Efficiency Visible in the Energy Mix” launch event today, Arianna Vitali Roscini, Secretary General of The Coalition for Energy Savings reminded participants that energy efficiency is often considered “the hidden fuel”, neither recognised nor valued as a resource for the energy system. Why is that? Because energy efficiency data is not visualised.

A new study by IEECP, supported by Knauf Insulation and the European Climate Foundation, addresses this issue and highlights how the contribution of energy efficiency is essential to the European Union’s energy system but is not visible in main energy mix figures. The result? Energy efficiency is left out of the equation, which may have implications on policies and investments.

IEECP analysed possible ways to add energy savings to national and European Union energy mixes next to energy sources such as renewables, gas and coal in a structured way: 7 actions are listed in the report. For energy efficiency to be considered on a level playing field with other energy resources, energy efficiency improvements need to be monitored, then energy efficiency data needs to be integrated in the overall energy picture.

The study was launched November 7 in a policy roundtable.

Please find below the event recording, presentations, link to the study and infographics. A briefing summarising the speakers’ key insights is also available.


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