International Energy Poverty Action Week

Online - February 20, 2023

The International Energy Poverty Action Week (IEPAW) returns in February 2023 for its second edition to highlight solutions and actions to combat energy poverty worldwide. IEPAW will be held online from 20 to 24 February 2023 with the aim to bring together policymakers, practitioners and experts from around the world for a series of discussions, workshops and actions to highlight the urgent need to find solutions to energy poverty amid the global climate crisis.


Why is it more critical than ever to be able to afford clean, sustainable and renewable energy? Does fuel poverty cause higher death rates? What can we do together to ensure that renewable energy is available to all without high costs? These are only some of the questions to be highlighted on the road to access to affordable, sustainable and clean energy on every continent. We must come together to reduce CO2 emissions and combat poverty!

Five Days, Four Continents, One Goal: Access to Healthy and Renewable Energy for all

Each day of the week will be dedicated to an aspect of eradicating energy poverty by having access to affordable, sustainable and clean energy. 

Below you can find the focus of each day:

Monday, 20 February – Health | Energy poverty and health: How are they related?

Talking about energy poverty has become increasingly relevant in recent years and its relationship with health. To date there are low-income households living in precarious housing and usually located in rural areas, presenting a high demand for the use of solid fuels, generating greater pollution both indoor households and in the atmosphere, harming the health of the population, both adults and children. Another relevant factor is the energy crisis of 2022, which has generated an increase in the use of solid fuels, causing greater pollution and therefore greater damage to the health of the population. Therefore, the objective of the session is to analyze the effects of the use of solid fuels, the mechanisms of contamination and how this influences the health of the population. As well as to show evidence from qualitative surveys that show the relationship between health and energy poverty.

Health IEPAW Video

Tuesday, 21 February – Social | Identity and energy poverty. The different faces of vulnerability

The aim of this session is to insist upon a known principle of public policy, there is no one size fits all. When thinking of how to solve socio economic problems such as energy poverty is fundamental to consider what the lived experience of different groups is. We will consider how characteristics such as gender, class, age, disability, ethnic and racial identity interact with energy poverty, what are the impacts of not considering this identity dimension, and what that means for the solutions we bring forward.

Social IEPAW Video

Wednesday, 22 February – Economy | What does investing in energy poverty mean?

What does funding energy poverty activities mean? Where can local actors look for financial opportunities? How can investing in innovative solutions help tackle energy poverty? What are the challenges faced to identifying funding opportunities? Energy poverty is a multifaceted challenge and highly depends on the local realities of each city/region. During this session, we will bring forward local stories and experiences from around the globe that will highlight different approaches to investing in the fight against energy poverty as well as funding challenges where energy poverty is not recognised as an issue.

Economy IEPAW Video

Thursday, 23 February – Policy | The global energy crisis: From short-term reactions to structural changes

Despite many countries having found a quick response to endure the current energy crisis, most policies are not sustainable in the long term. Deeper structural changes – in economies, in policies, in societies – might be necessary to help countries navigate through a new world order while preserving social stability. This session will explore possible approaches to energy policies that address economic, social, and technical challenges around the globe.

ENPOR Policy IEPAW Video

Friday, 24 February – Future | Addressing energy poverty in the context of climate change – youth ambitions

This session focuses on the experience and expectations of young leaders on the intertwined challenges of climate and energy justice. Given that young generations around the world are increasingly concerned about the climate crisis, what are their ambitions and expectations in relation to social issues? This round table will provide an opportunity to share original solutions and good practices from youth activists, beyond traditional institutional frameworks and relationships.

Future IEPAW Video

IEPAW is a grassroots event that brings together academics, policymakers, practitioners and other stakeholders in the field of energy poverty, access and justice across the world. The event is organised by a group of experts coming from a variety of civil society organisations, universities and NGOs and is open to everyone interested in taking action against energy poverty. All stakeholders are invited to join this independent initiative and help raise awareness about energy poverty around the globe.


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DOOR, Next Energy Consumer, Ombudsman Energía México, Climate Alliance, IEECP, University of Manchester, University of Birmingham, Friends of the Earth Europe, POWERTY, ENPOR 

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