Regio1st releases a guidebook to navigate its Planning Framework helping regions in their energy plans



Energy planning and mitigation
Implementing energy and climate measures at local level


Regions and cities play a key role in the energy transition across Europe, as they are the main channel for the implementation of the Green Deal, and of its climate and energy objectives. They are the main players involved in energy transition on-site being in direct contact with the reality and challenges on the ground. This will require local and regional authorities to ensure a careful monitoring of the application of the EE1st principle and promote the application of methodologies that allow a proper assessment of the wider benefits of efficiency solutions. 

Soon after the release of its Planning Framework, the Regio1st LIFE-CET project is now releasing a guidance helping regional energy planners in Europe to develop and implement sustainable, cost-effective energy strategies while prioritising energy savings in buildings and energy efficiency solutions in line with the EE1st principle.

Energy efficiency shouldn’t be overlooked at any level of governance, since it is a key lever to achieve further emissions reduction and be Fit for 55, to phase out fossil fuels and to boost EU competitiveness by the development of energy-efficient technologies industry. By using the Regio1st Planning Framework, planners can address the challenges of energy planning, develop strategies that maximize the benefits of energy efficiency and renewable energy, and create a sustainable, resilient, and economically viable energy future for their communities. 

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