Explore industrial Energy Saving Measures across Europe in the ESM Database



Energy efficiency in industry and SMEs


The ESM database is a collection of Energy Saving Measures that have been implemented or proposed by industrial companies across EU Member States. This comprehensive database provides quantitative information on each ESM, including details on energy savings, economic performance, and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction. Additionally, information on estimated non-energy benefits, such as improved product quality, noise reduction, and enhanced worker safety, is available. 

The Database enables users to filter ESMs based on the following categories: 

  • Industrial Sector: Pulp & Paper, Plastics, Pharmaceutical, Metal, Machinery, Food, Chemicals, Ceramic and Automotive. 
  • Country: Germany, Greece, Italy, Czech Republic, Spain, Netherlands, UK, Austria and Poland. 
  • ESM Technology: Power Generation, Process Heating/Cooling, HVAC System, Compressed Air, Lighting, Waste Heat Recovery, Drives/Engines or Pumps, ICT, Building Envelope, Processes, and CHP. 
  • Size of the company: Large, Medium, Small, and Micro 

Additionally, users can filter ESMs based on their scores in the Energy, Environmental, Financial, and Non-Energy Benefits dimensions, facilitating the identification of the most effective measures in each dimension. 

Executive Sheets containing additional details about the measure’s characteristics and implementation are available. 

Note that the Database is continuously updated and expanded, with new features and ESMs expected to be added in the near future.

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