Dive into AUDIT-TO-MEASURE results and share your insights: The Knowledge Exchange Space is now open!



Energy efficiency in industry and SMEs


The Knowledge Exchange Space (KES) is the spot for visitors seeking an interactive platform to foster fruitful collaboration among stakeholders. This includes policy makers, academia, (non-)government agencies, and industry players. The KES is now open, presenting comprehensive and updated results and cases from the AUDIT-TO-MEASURE project. 

Key Features of the Knowledge Exchange Space: 

  • Engagement Hub: The KES serves as an engagement hub, facilitating active collaboration and dialogue between stakeholders.  
  • Dedicated Comment Section: Within the KES, explore the AUDIT-TO-MEASURE results and case studies and contribute to the ongoing dialogue in the dedicated comment section. Share your thoughts, ask questions, and be a part of the exchange of knowledge! 
  • Presentation of Results and Guidelines: Dive into detailed presentations of the AUDIT-TO-MEASURE project results and discover the guidelines tailored for companies and energy auditors. These guidelines aim to enhance Energy Efficiency awareness and encourage the implementation of the results derived from energy audits. 

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