A tool built around its users: the MICATool co-design process


Implementing energy and climate measures at local level
Modelling and quantification
Multiple benefits and the Efficiency First principle
Energy governance


The MICAT – Multiple Impacts Calculation Tool – project aimes to create an accessible online tool, MICATool, for estimating the Multiple Impacts of Energy Efficiency (MI-EE), allowing policy-makers to compare scenarios and quantify or monetise MI-EE. The MICATool’s primary objective is to facilitate simplified analyses for policymakers and practitioners, allowing them to evaluate, quantify (and when possible monetise) the relevance of multiple impacts of energy efficiency (MIEE) across various data and policy scenarios.

In order to make the tool as fit as possible to its final users, stakeholder engagement has been a central component of the MICAT project, closely intertwined with the tool’s development. The extensive three-year engagement process, structured around a three-step methodology and involving three governance levels, established a trustful relationship between the project team and end-users. Throughout the engagement activities, 66 unique feedback comments were gathered across three levels. These included remarks on indicators, the MICATool’s architecture, data needs, requests for guidance, and suggestions for policy improvement. All guidance-related comments were either fully or partially addressed. MICATool developers incorporated 20 requests and partially responded to 17 others, although 12 comments couldn’t be accommodated for various reasons.


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