Recommendations to tackle energy poverty: the Commission features IEECP’s projects!



Energy poverty


The European Commission published a report with recommendations and measures to tackle energy poverty for Member States all across Europe. With the recent revision of the Energy Efficiency Directive, the EU has put alleviating energy poverty as a main priority for the coming years.

IEECP is involved in many projects tackling energy poverty under different lenses. Our following projects were featured in the recommendations:

  • RENOVERTY: The project provides home renovation roadmaps to address energy poverty in vulnerable rural districts, following the goals of the Renovation Wave for Europe ( greening buildings, creating jobs, improving lives).

  • SocialWatt: The project enabled obligated parties under Article 9 of the Energy Efficiency Directive across Europe to develop, adopt, test and spread innovative schemes to alleviate energy poverty.

  • Prospect +: The project builds the capacity of public authorities in financing sustainable energy plans through peer-to-peer learning activities. As the Commission mentions, being closer to citizens, local governments are particularly well positioned to notice factors that influence energy poverty and its impacts.

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