NECPlatform kicks in, supporting Member States towards ambitious NECPs, drafted in multi-level dialogue processes



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The #NECPlatform Project: A hands-on solution to improve multilevel governance and stakeholders’ engagement in the NECPs drafting process.

The LIFE-NECPlatform project aims at supporting six EU Member States (Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Italy, Portugal and Romania) in their transition to climate neutrality by setting up and managing permanent multi-level Climate and Energy Dialogue (CED) Platforms, in line with Article 11 of the Governance of the Energy Union and Climate Action Regulation, which calls for better integration of local and regional authorities, civil society, businesses & other stakeholders in the development and monitoring of national and climate policies, including the integrated NECPs.

With the cooperation of the ministries and other relevant stakeholders of these 6 countries, the national partners of the project will set up 6 multilevel discussions fora, operational between March 2023 and September 2024. These platforms will be particularly active in the process of update of the NECPs which need to be submitted to the European Commission by June 2024 (first draft due by June 2023).

The project partners are:

Energy Cities

Directorate General Energy of the European Commission released on November 15, 2022, series of reports and documents accompanying the 7th State of the Energy Union report, including a template for the progress reports of Member State National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs), due by March 2023, and draft guidance on how EU countries should update their plans by June 2023. This update exercise should ensure, as laid down in article 11 of the Governance Regulation, an early and inclusive public participation. Member States must develop the update of the NECPs in a dialogue with local authorities, civil society organisations, social partners, the sectoral business community, investors and other stakeholders. And the recently launched LIFE-funded project #NECPlatform here to support this process was added as a reference in the EU Commission guidelines.

The Commission guidance aims for Member States to increase their energy and climate ambition towards climate neutrality, with ambitious and participative NECP updates, that should reinforce the resilience and affordability of the energy system and strengthen regional cooperation. “This Autonomous Act will be published as a Guidance Communication in all EU languages in due course.”


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NECPlatform mentioned in the EU Commission guidelines to Member States!

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