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LGBTQ+ Pride Month- often shortened to Pride Month- is a month dedicated to the celebration and commemoration of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender pride. Pride Month began after the Stonewall riots, a series of gay liberation protests that started in the US in 1969, which inspired and built on extensive collective movements across the globe.

This month, IEECP wanted to remind our colleagues, our partners – current and future -, and all those reading this post about the unwavering support we should be offering not only to the LGBTQ+ community, but to all minorities, seen these times seeing a steady growth of far-right movements in the political spectrum. As such, IEECP pledges to continue advocating for inclusivity both within our organisation and externally, with an intersectional approach.  

We believe that social and climate struggles go hand in hand in a convergence of struggles[1].

When challenging times arise, it is our collective duty to centre around meaningful change and community. Let’s work together to fight against inequalities, against systemic racism and against neocolonialism, while advocating for human rights, a better consideration of marginalised populations and future generations.

Let us all act, together, for a just energy transition towards a more equal society, and let’s advocate for a green, inclusive and democratic future!

Are you with us? Read our manifesto below and commit to becoming a vector of change and bringing more inclusivity into your organisations through employee awareness and mobilization, associative partnerships, etc.


IEECP is committed to offering an inclusive and supportive work environment to all. We embrace diversity and build a culture of tolerance both inside and outside of the organisation. We believe that a sustainable world goes beyond the climate and energy transition – it must be just, inclusive, humane, and democratic. The transition in which we work every day is for all people; it acknowledges and welcomes diversity in age, gender, identity or expression, sexual or romantic orientation, ethnicity, religion, socio-economic class, ability, or nationality.

We also believe in “walking the talk”.

IEECP has an internal Diversity & Inclusion working group dedicated to protecting the principles that we, as a team, hold dear. In this effort, we work closely with the management board and regularly issue recommendations to:

  • Update workplace policies to be more inclusive
  • Create a supporting work environment
  • Offer flexible working and improve the work-life balance of all employees
  • Reject and punish any form of violence and bullying within IEECP or amongst working partners (gender-based, on age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, etc.)
  • Challenge gender stereotypes and attain equal participation across different functions
  • Tackle the gender, pay, pension and care gaps via the promotion of fair pay and equal opportunities for all within IEECP
  • Promote unbiased recruiting and career management
  • Attain a gender balance in decision-making
  • Provide awareness and training on gender and diversity issues across the organisation
  • Pledge for continued improvement with our diversity goals

We stand for a workplace that is welcoming to everyone.

We stand for innovation that is mindful of others.

[1] ‘Convergence of struggles’ refers to the processes that unite movements and struggles despite their differences and geographical distances, fostering synergies and bolstering collective efforts to resist, endure, and envision diverse alternatives.


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