How to support efficient heating (& cooling) by profiling and nudging energy consumers

Online - March 15, 2023

The presentation will focus on the use of nudging interventions and profiling for reducing heating-related energy consumption in households, which accounts for 25% of Europe’s greenhouse gas emissions. Understanding the behavior of household occupants is crucial in efforts to decrease greenhouse gas emissions and dependence on Russian fossil fuels. The NUDGE project aims to evaluate the impact of behavioral interventions on energy efficiency and establish them as a valuable tool in policy-making. This session will discuss the results of a survey of 3129 respondents in 29 European countries, which found six key factors that shape a person’s intention to reduce heating-related energy consumption. Perceived behavioral control and subjective norms were found to be the two most important factors. We will also cover the importance of considering attitude, personal moral norms, willingness, and age when developing policies. This research has given rise to six distinct energy user profiles that can be used to profile consumers and tailor interventions for effective energy efficiency behavioral policies. We will present the six types of energy users identified in the NUDGE project and the likely impact of interventions on their behavior, aiming to support a balanced policy mix for reducing energy consumption.

Join NUDGE coordinator Filippos Anagnostopoulos on March 15 at 3pm!

by IEA Users TCP LeonardoENERGY

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