SRI2MARKET partners launch multilingual free e-learning platform to drive Smart Readiness Indicator advancements 



Smart building and technologies


The SRI2Market initiative stands out as a key effort to market the Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI). This initiative intends to make it easier to integrate smart technology into buildings, which will improve energy performance and efficiency. Our project partners established an assessment tool online designed for conducting and securely storing assessments related to SRI. It facilitates collaboration among investors, businesses, and policymakers in Europe to promote environmentally and socially conscious investment practices.  

Moreover, the SRI2Market e-learning platform complements the main website by providing free specialised e-learning courses. The different partners of the project launched the e-learning platform through national workshops taking place in France, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Cyprus, and Croatia. The main purpose of this platform is to educate users about SRI so that they can start using the SRI assessment tool later.  

Key features

  • E-learning courses cover many areas of SRI assessment and smart technology integration in buildings. These courses (which have textual contents and explanatory videos) are intended to be thorough and easy to use, suitable for both beginners and advanced learners.  
  • Multilingual Support: Courses available in English, German, Spanish, French, Croatian, Portuguese, and Greek. This multilingual approach ensures that users can enrol in courses specific to their countries.  

Target users

The website is primarily aimed for stakeholders involved in smart building technologies. This includes policymakers, researchers, construction and energy professionals, as well as everyone who wants to explore and implement smart building readiness. 

The three skill levels

These courses are intended to lead users through several levels of skill, which are indicated by the achievement of three important badges: “Simple User,” “Beginner Evaluator,” and “Expert Evaluator.” 

  • Simple User Badge 

To achieve the “Simple User” badge, users must complete a four-chapter introduction course about SRI. This badge provides access to additional training courses. 

  • Beginner Evaluator Badge 

The “Beginner Evaluator” badge requires an advanced methodology spread across several chapters. Completing this course and passing two tests earns the “Beginner Evaluator” badge, which allows access to the SRI2MARKET assessment platform, and the user can start conducting real evaluations.  

  • Expert Evaluator Badge 

The “Expert Evaluator” badge from SRI2MARKET grants full access to the assessment tool and e-learning platform. To acquire this badge, the user must complete a detailed case study that includes two SRI evaluations of the same building: an initial evaluation and a follow-up evaluation after implementing improvement recommendations. Users must document their findings, recommend appropriate improvement actions, and submit their conclusions for approval. This badge provides access to statistics and evaluations, and the user’s contact information is shared with managers and building owners who are interested in improving building performance. This badge indicates expertise in analysing buildings for sustainability and energy efficiency. 


The SRI2Market project’s assessment tool and e-learning platform offer essential resources for increasing the use of smart technologies in buildings. By engaging a diverse audience and providing content in different languages, SRI2MARKET guarantees that information on smart readiness and energy efficiency is spread broadly and available to all. Whether one is a policymaker, a researcher, an investor or a building professional, SRI2Market provides the resources and expertise needed to help achieve a smarter, more sustainable future in building technology. 


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