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Energy poverty
Climate planning, adaptation and resilience
Consumers and behavioural change


In the latest European Commission’ recommendations, energy poverty is defined as a situation in which households are unable to access essential energy services and products, thus affecting health, living standards and the levels of heating, cooling, and lighting of homes. 

​While the subject of energy poverty is widely recognised and discussed, there are still several gaps in knowledge and practice, especially when it comes to rural areas.  There is a substantive body of evidence to suggest that rural areas in Europe are left behind in the efforts to achieve a clean and just energy transition, despite the fact that rural populations are at a significantly higher risk of facing poverty, social exclusion, and energy poverty.  

​This event aims to put the spotlight back on these areas, to give them the attention they deserve. By coming together for this occasion, the three EC-funded projects RENOVERTY, RURALITIES and Rural Bio UP will present their recent results connected to the topic of sustainable development in rural areas. The methodology and status quo explanations will be coupled with practical examples and experiences from the case studies of the three projects. 

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