Renewable energy resources commonly used for building applications include solar, wind, geothermal, and biomass. They have a key role to play in moving towards a carbon-neutral future, ensuring energy independency and security as well as an infinite source of energy.


Feb 2024
Renewables Consumers and behavioural change

Impact assessment of case studies - Assessing the impacts of public engagement in energy infrastructure projects

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Jul 2023
Building renovation Consumers and behavioural change Energy poverty Heating and cooling Renewables

Best practices for reaching out to tenants in the Private Rented Sector (PRS)

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May 2023
Building renovation Consumers and behavioural change Energy poverty Heating and cooling Renewables

Good practices in quantifying split incentives in the private rented sector 

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Apr 2023
Consumers and behavioural change Energy communities Energy poverty Renewables

The missing tool in tackling energy poverty: empowering renewable energy communities in the energy crisis mitigation

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Feb 2023
Consumers and behavioural change Energy communities Renewables

Briefing - Towards energy aware behaviours: how studies on young generations can inform better policy design

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Jan 2023
Energy communities Heating and cooling Renewables

Briefing - More women in renewables and energy communities: safeguarding an enabling policy framework

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Self-assessment tool
Earlier studies realised by BECoop, a project funded by the Horizon 2020 programme, showed that the knowledge and acceptance of biofuel varies from region to region in...
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Developed by CIRCE – Centro Tecnológico, this online repository gathers in a single place existing open-source tools useful for the energy communities and bioenergy sectors...
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Financing tool
A next generation energy efficiency meter named eensight was created by SENSEI. The eensight tool is base...
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January 2024 - December 2027

RE-WITCH The coolest cold from the cleanest heat

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September 2023 - February 2026

HORIS A digital OSS empowering renovating homeowners to choose the right measures, professionals and financial support mechanisms

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March 2023 - February 2024

Public Engagement for Energy Infrastructure

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September 2020 - October 2023

newTRENDs Recognizing and modeling the influence of new social trends on energy needs demand

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September 2020 - November 2023

NUDGE Nudging consumers towards energy efficiency through behavioural science

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