Giulia Viero

Based in The Netherlands

Building on her academic research background (MSc in Environmental Governance) and drive to quantify impacts of climate adaptation initiatives, Giulia uses an interdisciplinary and multi-stakeholder approach in her work. She has experience in resources valorization feasibility studies, and has been active in several netwroks with public as well as private actors, academia, knowledge institutions, NGOs and so forth. Her collaborative nature facilitates the integration of like-minded project partners. She also holds proven development of novel conceptual frameworks and their application via a mix of research and statistical methods in recent publications interfacing empirical application.


Oct 2023
Climate planning, adaptation and resilience

Lessons learnt and insights for the funding of climate resilience in national and regional adaptation plans from the European Budget

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May 2023
Energy efficiency financing Energy efficiency in industry and SMEs Energy efficiency business models Energy savings obligation, monitoring and verification

The SENSEI Project Final Report | Advancements and lessons learned from the first Horizon 2020 project to support the introduction of energy efficiency Pay-for-Performance programmes in Europe

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Topics Worked On

Projects Worked On

Jan 31, 2023

PROSPECT+ Capacity-Building Programme for cities and regions

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Feb 02, 2023

Regilience Regional Climate Resilient Development Pathways

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Jan 31, 2023

Energee-Watch The European Network of Regional GhG Emissions and Energy Watch

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Jan 30, 2023

SENSEI Pay-for-performance to drive energy efficiency in Europe

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