Regional Climate Resilient Development Pathways

November 2021 - November 2025

REGILIENCE is a project funded by the EU Horizon 2020 programme and will support communities, cities and regions in their efforts towards building climate-resilient pathways. It will facilitate the identification and upscaling of the most promising resilience solutions: supporting their replication in 10 vulnerable and low-capacity regions in Europe; communicating them through various channels and actions; and inspiring policymakers, organisations, and individuals to become part of the change.

To make this support effective, REGILIENCE will implement almost 700 activities such as events, trainings, peer to peer mentorship, helpdesk, informational and communication material, etc. to share experiences, learn from failure, provide guidance, and disseminate knowledge and tools. REGILIENCE will produce a Resilience Fundamentals Course, a citizen Resilience Scan Tool, and will test 10 innovative public-private partnership approaches, among other activities.

The project will be implemented over 48 months by 9 partners, led by IEECP and Fresh Thoughts with the engagement of networks (FEDARENE, ICLEI, R-CITIES, F6S) and knowledge holders from science and practice (FC.ID, adelphi, REGEA). 

Project updates

Featured publications

Oct 17, 2023
Climate planning, adaptation and resilience

Lessons learnt and insights for the funding of climate resilience in national and regional adaptation plans from the European Budget

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Self-assessment tool

Many tools provide support to plan good climate adaptation but neglect the risk of maladaptation (see the definitions box). For this reason, the REGILIENCE self-assessment too...

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