Jérémy Cléro

Based in Belgium

Jeremy is an energy planning engineer who has been working in European energy projects since 2015. Thanks to his past experience as project officer at the European Commission and in several EU associations, he contributes to bridge the gap between technical knowledge and policy implementation. At IEECP, his focus topics are regional/local energy policy (IN-PLAN, NECPlatform, Regio1st), heating and cooling (CoolLIFE), local energy communities and climate adaptation (REGILIENCE).


Oct 2023
Climate planning, adaptation and resilience

Lessons learnt and insights for the funding of climate resilience in national and regional adaptation plans from the European Budget

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Jul 2023
Climate planning, adaptation and resilience Capacity building Energy governance

Spatial planning: the crucial element for sustainable and resilient local development

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May 2023
Capacity building Climate planning, adaptation and resilience Energy governance Energy planning and mitigation Implementing energy and climate measures at local level

Good practices of multi-governance initiatives across EU and further

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Topics Worked On

Projects Worked On

Feb 03, 2023

NECPlatform Strengthening multilevel governance in national energy and climate policies

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Feb 02, 2023

Regilience Regional Climate Resilient Development Pathways

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Jan 23, 2023

IN-PLAN Integrated Energy, Climate and Spatial planning

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