Mia Dragovic Matosovic

Senior Expert
Based in Dubai

Mia is an energy efficiency expert at IEECP, with over 10 years of experience in planning and implementation at local, state and regional levels, especially for the SEE region.

Her focus areas include planning, measurement and verification of energy efficiency, economic appraisal methods for evaluating energy efficiency measures and developing small-medium renewable energy projects.

She started in United Nations Development Programme, implementing a later replicated program for sustainable energy management in public buildings. Later she progressed to be a part of the National Energy Efficiency Authority in Croatia, where she has been responsible for coordinating the 3rd Croatian National Energy Efficiency Plan, for collecting and verifying bottom-up data from the 2nd NEEAP and making sure all Energy Efficiency Directive requirements are acknowledged. She has also worked on the new Energy Efficiency Act, responsible for developing the obligation of energy efficiency planning for cities and municipalities, for the development of the Croatian obligation scheme, and has took part in creating all bylaws required by the Energy Efficiency Directive, including the revision of entire Rulebook for Measurement and Verification of Energy Efficiency Measures (with focus on bottom-up measurements of EE savings).

As a Senior Researcher in the Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar, her focus was EE MRV, as well as economic analysis of implementing EE and RE projects.

Besides her regular work engagements, she has developed, applied and implemented EU projects on IPA CBC, IEE and HORIZON 2020 programs. They all focused on developing EE policy and upgrading EE practices in the public sector.
She has an American and German education concentrated on energy efficiency economics and business development of renewable markets (MBA renewables), and is continuing to search for specialization opportunities to expand her knowledge and grow as a person and an energy and sustainability expert.


Oct 2020
Climate planning, adaptation and resilience Implementing energy and climate measures at local level Capacity building Energy efficiency financing

A City Capability Assessment Framework Focusing on Planning, Financing, and Implementing Sustainable Energy Projects

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