Reducing local energy poverty by engaging the population in the transition to a greener future

November 2022 - April 2025

The JUSTEM project starts at a critical time: although renewables could bring important cost savings and net social gains, some EU member states are calling for a smoother phase-out of coal to compensate for the shortage of fossil gas (and high energy prices). However, only clean energy can maintain a safer climate and end the crises: renewable energy lower energy prices and reduce dependence on fossil fuels, and more efficient households reduce the risk of energy poverty.​

Territorial just transition plans are critical to facilitate green and socially accepted transitions from coal. The JUSTEM project will address a wide range of transition-related issues that go beyond the purely technical aspects and include health, structural development, re-training of workers, and new economic opportunities. ​

Following a double-sided approach, the project will help regional authorities to develop and implement plans that are sensitive to local impacts, while engaging citizens in capacity building activities tailored to increase acceptance and build confidence in a coal-free economy.

Project updates

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Jun 10, 2024
Energy governance Energy poverty Implementing energy and climate measures at local level

Supporting the implementation of just transitions in coal regions

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Dec 07, 2023
Energy poverty Energy governance Implementing energy and climate measures at local level

JUSTEM - Impact Matrix Report

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