Innovative Energy (Efficiency) Service Models for Sector Integration via Blockchain

November 2022 - October 2025

The core concept of the LIFE project InEExS is the deployment of integrated energy services across sectors and carriers, and the tokenization of energy saving data in a public blockchain to facilitate cooperation among market segments and actors. InEExS improves the implementation of Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) Art7 and supports Obligated Parties to provide integrated service offers that enable energy savings, system efficiency and include non-energy benefits.

Particular attention is placed on the development of business models and contractual schemes that facilitate the implementation of sector-integrating smart energy services and the deployment of a wide range of sustainable technologies, such as renewables (RES), electric vehicles (EVs), heat pumps, internet of things (IoT) controls and other energy efficiency (EE) measures. The InEExS consortium brings together diverse market actors (utilities, energy communities, energy agencies, technology providers) who engage in trust creation methods to connect their activities through distributed ledger technology and smart contracts.

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