Tackling energy poverty : learning from experience in 10 European countries


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Energy poverty

Led by IEECP and Enerdata and realised for the ONPE (the French National Observatory for Energy Poverty) with funding from ADEME, this brochure compiles recent data and knowledge on measures to prevent energy poverty. Based on information available in 2020, 10 country factsheets and a European factsheet allow an international comparison according to the following four themes:

1) Governance: definitions, regulatory texts governing action on energy poverty, contextual elements, the presence of an observatory, etc.;

2) Indicators for monitoring energy poverty, based on Eurostat data (five indicators) and on national indicators;

3) Main national measures: energy subsidies, energy efficiency, with or without restriction criteria, etc.; 

4) Good practices: over 60 actions selected and validated by a European network of national experts. 

This benchmark shows that beyond strong disparities, there are major common trends such as the priority given to energy subsidies rather than to energy renovation, or the low number of measures concerning transport and support for renewable energy aimed at vulnerable households.

Access the factsheets and documentation

Download below a paper based on preliminary results from the study presented to the eceee Summer Study 2021.

Citation: Bosseboeuf D.; Bouzarovski S.; Broc J.-S.; Oikonomou V.; Mistré M.; Rousselot M. ; Tackling energy poverty: learning from the experience in 10 European countries, eceee proceedings, 2021.

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