Report on the 1st newTRENDs Stakeholder Meeting


Consumers and behavioural change


The aim of the newTRENDs project is not only to model energy demand but also to reach decision-makers with the modelling findings. Therewith, the project results can guide policy-makers in their future decision-making and thereby create a real impact for the future.

The newTRENDs project intends, through effective stakeholder consultation, communication and dissemination to improve assessment of possible future trends that might have a potential impact on future energy demand and energy efficiency in the EU (European Union), to benefit research and innovation efficiency, as well as cooperation on the international ground for the benefits of the project. Additionally, it aims to assess policy and governance questions that shape the prospects of EU energy efficiency options in the future and discuss the results with representatives from target audiences to incorporate what can be learned thanks to the project and in relation to it. newTRENDs is also enhancing interactions with various stakeholders, energy sector professionals in particular, to:

– access the best possible independent expertise in energy practice;
– contribute to a more efficient and targeted communication with energy sector professionals;
– explore opportunities for engaging with energy professionals in research and practice areas;
– enhance energy professionals’ organizations’ understanding of the role and activities run within the newTRENDs project;
– newTRENDs will continue to collaborate with and provide support to several EU-wide research and development platforms and consortia to explore synergies and foster project development.

During the 1st stakeholder workshop within the newTRENDs project, stakeholder engagement was planned:
– to outline the project’s purpose, goals, and scope;
– to present the project team and explain what to expect over the projectcourse;
– to present the current state of the project and research/modelling advancement of work within the project after 12 months;
– to verify modelling assumptions and early results of the new modelling approaches within the newTRENDs project;
– to gather insights about the project’s up to date achievements and define the missing points;
– to consult various stakeholder groups on the project and policies that are needed in Europe to support new energy demand models, and secure their involvement;
– to increase collaboration with various decision-makers on various levels (including various GDs of the EU).

This will also enable newTRENDs to gain a better understanding of the impact of specific regulatory actions on Energy efficiency ground and to gather perspectives directly from decisions makers on how they are used.

Due to the pandemic of SARS-CoV-2 the 1st newTRENDs the Stakeholder Workshop was organized as a virtual meeting, instead of a planned earlier stationary meeting. The workshop should focus on discussing the findings of WP2 and WP3 regarding the selection of New Societal Trends and the identification of transition pathways. Within the consortium we decided that we would also present the preliminary results of the WP4, which focuses on policy that would allow to gain feedback from stakeholders and get input to further work in other WPs.

The stakeholder invitation was prepared by Wise and sent to the project partners to share with their stakeholders’ networks. The invitation was sent out to stakeholders mapped beforehand as stated in deliverable Stakeholder database (Deliverable 8.2) among them to the EU based institutions/actors; representatives of public administration as well as economic development and environment departments; universities engaged in the projects related to the energy sector; civil society actors and NGOs: research organizations, think-tanks, and expert community focused on the climate, environment and energy policy. The invitation was also sent to stakeholders with whom the partners have direct contacts, other than those mapped.


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