Report on modeling the interaction of prosumagers and energy markets/ supply side


Efficient and resilient energy system
Consumers and behavioural change
Energy savings obligation, monitoring and verification


This report offers the rational and detailed mathematical description of the prosumager model developed as an individual module that can selectively operate in cooperation with the PRIMES model. Along with the mathematical formalization, the report aims to showcase the possibilities of the model through a selected case study.

The prosumager model provides the optimal configuration of the household energy system that is appropriate for meeting the energy demand of the occupants at least cost. Bi-directional power transfer between the distribution electricity network and the household is possible, while thermal uses, i.e., space heating, air cooling, water heating and cooking, are served through the operation of the equipment at levels that ensure the occupants’ comfort.

This model shares common ground with the PRIMES Buildings Model (The prosumager model is an add-on option to PRIMES-BuiMo), the residential and services sector model of the PRIMES modelling suite, in terms of main building typologies included. The prosumager model developed within newTRENDs considers only the residential sector and does not perform useful demand and buildings’ stock projection for the services sector.

The report introduces the rationale and basic principles of the prosumager model, offers an overview of the available literature in the field of the prosumaging behavior of electricity consumers, presents the mathematical formulation of the prosumager model and applies the model on a selected household case, presenting the relevant results.


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