Briefing – Actions and schemes to consider to tackle energy poverty


Energy savings obligation, monitoring and verification
Energy poverty


A total of 42 schemes were identified and analysed by the H2020-funded project SocialWatt’s team, based on a number of criteria set.

Some of the conclusions include that:

  • the income is frequently used as a proxy to energy poverty,
  • almost all schemes provide information and advice to households,
  • most are funded by a single entity (often a utility or public authority),
  • half of the schemes are not eligible under article 7 of the EED, and finally,
  • innovation usually lies in the way schemes are designed, implemented and financed, e.g. the collaboration of different types of partners to carry out or finance the scheme.

The report also focuses on innovative schemes not yet implemented but potentially interesting to consider.

Authors: Dominique Osso & Fabienne Boutiere (EDF)

Contributors: Andriana Stavrakaki, Vaggelis Spiliottis & Simeon Ntanopoulos (ICCS),Ioanna Giannouli, Froso Filippa & Christos Nichtis (PPC), Dan Serban, Vlad Oprea, Camelia Vasile, Alisa Vlasa (CEZ VANZARE), Pat Lennon (ESB), Daniele Bergesio & Carlo Cigna (EVISO), Ester Sevilla & Almudena Laguillo (NATURGY), Valdis Rieksts-Riekstiņš (FORTUM), Damir Šarec & Igor Hegediš (HEP ESCO), Vlasis Oikonomou & Dimitra Tzani (IEECP), Adriana Milandru & Daniela Burnete (ISPE DC), Louise Sunderland (RAP), Maria-Elisabeth Brucklm (CARITAS AUSTRIA), Georg Benke (E7)

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