‘Second wave’ of DigiBUILD AI-based data-driven services for the built environment


Building renovation
Energy efficiency financing


This document aims at providing an update on the developmental activities undertaken within Work Package 3 (WP3) of the DigiBUILD project, titled ‘DigiBUILD AI-based Data-driven Services for the Built Environment’. It represents the second instalment in a tripartite series of DigiBUILD services, which collectively aim at chronicling the research and development progress of AI-infused and data-driven methodologies and implementations throughout the project’s timeline (Months 12, 20, and 28). These services are categorised into five principal domains, addressing (1) AI-based data analytics for high-calibre, (2) data-driven energy management, (3) the construction of energy-efficient and comfortable buildings, (4) data-driven strategies for renovation roadmaps and energy-efficient financing, as well as (5) decision-making processes under uncertainty for the creation of efficient and climate-resilient buildings.
The report offers a detailed technical description of the services under development and their role within the built environment, presenting innovative solutions and approaches. The focal point of the document is to relay detailed information on the developmental progress achieved up to the 20th month of the project, including their implementation in the DigiBUILD pilot schemes. Lastly, the document outlines forthcoming steps for the subsequent months of the project, culminating in a key milestone at month 28, where the developmental activities are expected to conclude, leading to the unveiling of the ‘Third Wave’ of DigiBUILD AI-based Data-driven Services for the Built Environment.


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