Policy Brief – The role of the Energy Efficiency Directive article 7 in alleviating energy poverty


Energy poverty
Energy savings obligation, monitoring and verification


H2020 projects SocialWatt and ENSMOV join forces, making use of both projects’ learnings to deliver policy recommendations to improve the consideration of energy poverty through Article 7 of the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED).

Article 7 of the EED specifically requires European member states to take into account the need to alleviate energy poverty in their design of Article 7 measures, but this requirement is not universally adopted.

The briefing recommends that the provision on energy poverty in Article 7 should be fully implemented and, further, that the distributional equity – or who pays for and who benefits – from the measures delivered under Article 7 should be assessed, and measures put in place to address distributional inequities.

More broadly, the climate and social goals within EED Article 7 and the wider European package must be better aligned.

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