Design, demonstrate, validate and replicate innovative renovation packages in the building industry

September 2022 - August 2025

The overall vision of FORTESIE is to design, demonstrate, validate and replicate innovative renovation packages in the building industry with Smart Performance-Based guarantees and financing, aiming at Efficient, Sustainable and Inclusive Energy (ESIE) use to accelerate the Renovation Wave in Europe. The renovation packages will combine state-of-the-art construction materials and technologies (prefabricated facades, BIPV, heat pumps, etc.), innovative digital technologies for measurement and verification of building performance improvements, and attractive financing schemes (e.g. contractual frameworks for smart performance guarantees, financing mechanisms, engagement techniques, green-euros, etc.), to raise the overall EPC value proposition. The renovation packages will be tailored to specific target groups needs and optimised to improve the ESIE performance considering energy, CO2 and comfort.

Each package will be demonstrated and validated in real life use cases and customised for replication in all other partner countries for immediate market take-up.

Methodologies from Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) will be adopted for: a. the creation of collaborative business models that boost the Renovation Wave by considering all stakeholders’ value and revenue streams, b. novel incentivisation and behavioural change models that aim to stimulate long term engagement with focused interactions to adopt green behaviour c. the incorporation of a digital currency, green-euro, (€G) for financing, rewarding and creating an inclusive /collective narrative in the fight against climate change d. the collection of feedback for recommendations to policy and business stakeholders, e. Mapping and understanding the complex interplay between the different stakeholders to deliver an engagement strategy across the value chain. These demonstrations will potentially constitute the green-euro as a retail Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), hence revolutionising the financing of renovation approaches. An online marketplace, will be offering first level advice, directing consumers through the value chain of stakeholders and facilitating access to these “packaged” renovation services.

Credit photo: tierra-mallorca-NpTbVOkkom8-unsplash

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