Citizen-led renovation

How can we use the engagement power of energy communities to increase the energy efficiency of buildings and put citizens in the driver’s seat of the energy transition? By helping them to set up renovation support for their members and the wider community, empowering them for Citizen-led renovation!

Citizen-led renovation is an EU funded support service to empower communities and to put citizens in the driver’s seat for energy renovations. The project aims to assist energy communities to deliver citizen-led energy renovations and renewable energy installations, whether you have already one-stop shops for project developers in place or not. Depending on your needs, expectations and commitment, the project will give you the opportunity to access tailored support in terms of administrative, technical, and communicative assistance and co-implement citizen-led renovation projects in your community. The support service will help your community to overcome financial, legal, technical, and informational barriers to deliver future-proof residential buildings.  

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