Audit2Action: implementing measures after energy audits


The implementation of Energy Saving Measures (ESM) in companies produces more than economic benefits: reduced energy consumption leads to lower emissions, and there are also the so-called Non-Energy Benefits (NEB), that include productivity and security improvements, as well as higher employment satisfaction.

The Audit2Action is a strategy designed for companies looking to implement ESM that have been recommended in energy audits. The strategy addresses informational, behavioural, organizational, and economic barriers hindering the uptake of ESM. It aims mainly at medium to high level management (e.g. heads of department and directors) but can also be useful to energy leaders at other levels (e.g. operational staff with large experience in a certain energy service) seeking innovative solutions.

Looking to make the Audit2Action strategy more actionable, this guide will support energy decision makers and managers in companies to overcome different barriers and better understand how ESM can benefit their business.

This document is based on the report “A2A strategy: a new approach to upgrade energy audits outcomes”, released by the European-funded project AUDIT2MEASURE.


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