The Institute for European Energy and Climate Policy (IEECP) is a non-for-profit, independent research institute working, since 2015, on science-based climate change mitigation, energy efficiency and renewable energy policy, with an international interdisciplinary team of experts generating and disseminating scientific knowledge.

We act as a knowledge-hub sharing pragmatic results as well as innovative ideas providing policymakers, and all private and public decision-makers, independent expertise and science-based research to support their work towards the energy transition and a sustainable future.

IEECP has a rich experience in managing EU, climate action and energy transition projects – predominantly Horizon 2020-funded-, as coordinator or partner, engaging stakeholders, drafting policy syntheses and recommendations, evaluating policies, analysing data and statistics as well as developing tools, libraries, capacity building and learning programmes.

We work closely with EU institutions, international organisations, national, regional and local governments, think-tanks, NGOs, academics and the business world to lead the transition to climate neutrality and to a sustainable energy future for various sectors.

We build valued partnerships with renowned organisations from across Europe as we believe collaboration and creating a community helps carrying our ideas and results further, to shape, together, a low-emissions, resilient future.




History of IEECP

IEECP was established in The Netherlands in 2015. Today, IEECP experts are based all over Europe, in Belgium, Croatia, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, The Netherlands and Turkey enabling local exchange and having tacit knowledge of these geographical areas. IEECP experts have close ties with the actual policy making world (from regional and national governments to the European Commission and the UNFCCC negotiators) ensuring that research outputs provide useful, pragmatic and evidence-based guidance to policy makers dealing with sustainable energy and climate change.

Board of Directors

Zsolt Lengyel (Marketing Director – Secretary)

Zsolt is a founding member of IEECP and has been serving as its Chairperson since its establishment in 2015, until August 2020. Zsolt is an economist, a climate action policy veteran and specialist of the corresponding instruments, policies & measures (EU ETS, (I)NDCs, Kyoto Flexible mechanisms, TCFD, Paris Agreement Art 6. etc.) with an engagement in the full cycle – from design, implementation to evaluation & auditing – of climate change mitigation and resilience globally. He has worked more than twenty years on climate action after starting his career at the Environment & Geography Department of the London School of Economics as a researcher in 1995.

Vlasios Oikonomou (Managing Director – Chairman)

Dr. Vlasios Oikonomou is Managing Director and Senior Researcher at IEECP, economist, who is coordinating for more than 10 years a series of EU funded projects in the field of energy efficiency policies and energy poverty (such as currently the Horizon 2020 projects ENSMOV on the Article 7 of the Energy Efficiency Directive and ENPOR on tackling energy poverty through energy efficiency policies). He has finalised his PhD on interactions of White Certificates energy and climate policy instruments, where he has published a series of articles in books and journals in this field and he is invited as energy efficiency policy expert in various EU policy conferences. He has also acted as co-panel leader for the Policy and Governance panel at the eceee Summer Study in 2019 and is reviewer to several scientific journals.

Among various European Projects, he coordinated H2020 PROSPECT on energy efficiency financing in municipalities and regions and participated to / coordinated more: H2020 PUBLENEF and EU-MERCI, H2020 EPATEE, IEE ENSPOL, FP7 POLIMP and APRAISE. He was acting as the Financial Director of IEECP until August 2020 and is responsible for the energy efficiency related activities of the Foundation.

Vassilis Stavrakas (Financial Director – Treasurer)

Vassilis Stavrakas holds a Bachelor (B.Sc.) and a Master (M.Sc.) degree in Mechanical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and is a senior research associate to IEECP. Since 2013, he has been working in EC-funded projects at the Technoeconomics of Energy Systems laboratory (TEESlab) of the University of Piraeus (UNIPI).  His research focuses in the modeling of low-carbon transition pathways, having developed the agent-based technology adoption model (ATOM) and the dynamic high-resolution demand-side management (DREEM) model, both parts of the TEESlab modeling suite (TEEM). He has several publications and announcements in knowledgeable peer-reviewed scientific journals and international conferences. He is currently acting as the Financial Director of IEECP and is responsible for modelling-related activities of the Foundation.

Partnerships / Memberships

eceeeIEECP is a member of eceee, the European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy.This NGO dedicated to energy efficiency generates and provides evidence-based knowledge and analysis of policies, and facilitates co-operation and networking.

IEECP supports eceee’s work, making energy efficiency’s voice stronger.

energy evaluationIEECP’s Jean-Sébastien Broc is a member of the board of the Energy Evaluation association (formerly known as IEPPEC – International Energy Policy and Programme Evaluation Conference).