[Survey] Charting the role of energy efficiency along the cold supply chain

ICCEE, short for “Improving Cold Chain Energy Efficiency”, is a project supported by the European Commission Horizon 2020 programme.

It aims at improving energy efficiency along the cold supply chain of the food & beverage sector, from farm-to-fork.

Help ICCEE assess non-energy benefits and behavioural aspects in the cold chain: this survey assessing perceived risks, barriers and drivers at the different organizational and activity levels of the cold chain will help us gather a broad set of insights and verify our working hypotheses.

Take the survey now (and before May 15), in one of the 8 languages available!

English https://s.fhg.de/ICCEE-EN
German https://s.fhg.de/ICCEE-DE
Italian https://s.fhg.de/ICCEE-IT
Spanish https://s.fhg.de/ICCEE-ES
Dutch https://s.fhg.de/ICCEE-NL
French https://s.fhg.de/ICCEE-FR
Latvian https://s.fhg.de/ICCEE-LV
Romanian https://s.fhg.de/ICCEE-RO

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