[Report] Status quo of energy poverty and its mitigation in the EU: report and interactive map

H2020 SocialWatt aims to enable obligated parties under Article 7 of the Energy Efficiency Directive across Europe to develop, adopt, test and spread innovative schemes to alleviate energy poverty.

Appropriate tools developed within the project will help utilities and energy suppliers effectively identify energy poor households, as well as develop and monitor schemes that focus on increasing the energy efficiency of these houses.

The purpose of this report is to establish the essential background setting in which the SocialWatt activities will be carried out. It therefore contains definitions and indicators available to measure energy poverty at European and Member State levels, studies on the national contexts for each of the 11 SocialWatt countries and a range of good practice examples that illustrate different approaches taken to alleviate energy poverty. It is completed by an interactive map providing per EU country energy poverty indicators, definitions, adoption of article 7 and actions for EEO schemes as well as policies:

  • Inability to keep home adequately warm
  • Arrears on utility bills
  • European Domestic Energy Poverty Index

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