Jérémy Cléro

Jeremy is an energy planning engineer who holds a M. Eng. In Sustainable Energy Planning & Management (Aalborg University) and a MSc in Energy Engineering (University of South Brittany). He has been working in European energy affairs since 2015, with a particular focus on H2020 projects related to energy efficiency and district-level energy solutions; in particular, both his master theses were energy planning analyses about decarbonisation of heat at regional level (Brittany and Brussels). Jeremy has insider knowledge from EU institution thanks to his missions at DG ENER and CINEA, where he was a member of the LIFE CET unit, prior to joining IEECP in October 2022. Involved in various EU policy-making processes during his missions, Jeremy developed hands-on experience of EU regulation and advocacy, which he now wants to put at the service of regional energy planning development.

Contact: jeremy@ieecp.org