Mobilizing and Transferring knowledge on post-2020 climate policy implications


JIN Climate and Sustainability


Centre for European Policy Studies


University of Piraeus Research Center

UNI GRAZ (Austria)

Universitaet Graz


Ecologic Institut Gemeinnutzige GmbH


Climate Strategies

IBS (Poland)

Fundacja Naukowa Instytut Badan Strukturalnych

The EU Framework Program 7 ͚POLIMP͛ (Mobilizing and Transferring knowledge on post-2020 climate policy implications) is a 3 years project, which will facilitate a process to identify, for different policy and decision making levels, knowledge gaps about implications of possible directions of international climate policies.

Subsequently, it will cover these gaps with knowledge packages produced from existing documentation and possible implications of different climate policy futures. Through series of workshops these packages will be communicated with stakeholders.

In addition, POLIMP will provide an overall, on-line platform for information exchange of a wider list of contemporary and future climate policy initiatives.

The specific objectives of ENSPOL are to: a) Assess the relative strengths and weaknesses of EEOs and alternative measures based on the existing experiences and plans of MS and make recommendations for the most appropriate approaches against different criteria and under different conditions, b) Improve the knowledge and capabilities of MS (both within and outside of the project) with regards to the different options available for implementation of Article 7 (EEOs and alternative measures), c) Ensure the effective engagement of the broad range of stakeholders with an interest in the implementation of Article 7 and promote a wide consultation, and d) Complement and enhance the work of existing EU and MS initiatives concerned with the implementation of Article 7 EED