Environmental Regulation and market forces incentives for resource efficiency

The EU funded EMPIRE SKEP project aims at studying the interplay between environmental regulation and market forces with respect to the building and construction industry.

The methodological approach proposed aims at enriching the ongoing debate on the links between environment and market forces by way of a thorough and in-depth assessment, on one hand, of the effects of environmental policies on competitiveness and, on the other hand, of the impact of these policies on the behaviour of companies and consumers, specifically related to the building sector.

In this respect, the main instruments for environmental resources management and protection that will be considered in the proposal are the following:

1) instruments to regulate pollution and resource use (command and control)
2) economic instruments (such as: pricing policies, taxes, tariffs, etc.)
3) instrument to promote best environmental practice (technical and technological)
4) incentives to promote sustainable consumption
5) voluntary instruments (such as EMAS, EU Ecolabel, etc.