Powering our buildings: launch event on November 24 – how policies can support energy efficiency through buildings electrification

FIRE and IEECP are pleased to invite you to the launch of a new study on the electrification of the EU building stock. 

The electrification of energy consumption, primarily in buildings, will soon play a fundamental role as it represents a valid solution for increasing energy security and decarbonize the EU building sector.

Data from the European Commission reports that buildings are responsible for around 40% of the EU total energy consumption, for more than 50% of the EU gas demand in end uses – almost amounting to the gas imports from Russia in recent years- and for 36% of its greenhouse gas emissions from energy.

FIRE and IEECP, sponsored by ENEL, have carried out the study ” Powering our buildings: how policies can support energy efficiency through buildings electrification” which analyses the barriers to electrification of buildings (such as the lack of competence of operators and the reticence of end-users to switch to these technologies) and collects specific policy proposals to overcome them.

The study will be presented and launched on November 24, during a webinar gathering representatives of major European industry and consumer organisations. Active and inclusive collaboration from participants’ side during the Q&A is welcomed and appreciated. 

Agenda (the final one will be shared with registered participants and available on this page)

10:00 Welcoming remarks, FIRE-IEECP-ENEL

10:10 The electrification of energy consumption as a mean to decarbonise and answer the current energy crisis, Dario Di Santo, FIRE

10:25 Policy proposals to promote and implement the electrification in the building sector, Ivana Rogulj, IEECP

10:40 EU legislation updates, Silvia Rezessy, Policy officer, DG Ener, European Commission

11:00 Roundtable – Chaired by Rod Janssen – EEIP. With: Samuel Thomas – Regulatory Assistance Programme, Simone Alessandri – Eubac, Jozefien Vanbecelaere – European Heat Pump Association, Monica Frassoni – European Alliance to Save Energy, and Quentin De Hults, European Copper Institute.

12:00 Final remarks, FIRE

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