[Newsletter] enefirst – Efficiency First is not a new name for energy efficiency

Considering that the energy demand is not a given input to energy scenarios, but that options exist to better manage or reduce the energy demand: the idea is not new. Concepts such as Demand-Side Management or Integrated Resource Planning have existed since the 1980s. Liberalization of energy markets in the 1990s, and increased awareness of the links between energy issues and social and environmental challenges, have since led to think differently about how demand-side resources (i.e. end-use energy efficiency and demand response) can be better taken into account when taking investment decisions related to energy infrastructure.

The Efficiency First (E1st) principle progressively emerged in the 2010s and was formally adopted by the European Union in the Governance Regulation of the Energy Union in December 2018. ENEFIRST is one of three current projects of the Horizon 2020 programme (together with sEEnergies and ODYSSEE-MURE) aiming to develop technical support that will make the E1st principle operational.

Efficiency First is not a new name for energy efficiency. It brings new dimensions, as discussed and illustrated in the content summarized in this newsletter: welcome for a tour in putting E1st into practice!

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