Why IEECP and key topics we work on

As Europe strives to become the first continent in the world to reach climate neutrality by 2050, IEECP provides solutions, networking platforms and knowledge to:

  • Ensure authorities have the right tools to deliver the EU Green Deal and Paris Agreement obligations,
  • Enable knowledge-exchange on energy efficiency and climate policy design, as well as implementation and evaluation of their impacts, with a focus on key energy transition components such as:
    • Map, report on and tackle energy poverty,
    • Develop new business and financing models for energy efficiency,
    • Provide the market / industry the appropriate knowledge and understanding of what energy audits and efficiency first are and mean, as well as the multiple benefits of increasing energy efficiency,
    • Assist policymakers drafting measures and policies that will support achieving EU climate, energy and decarbonisation targets,
    • Provide policymakers with knowledge on how EU Directives (with a specific focus on the Energy Efficiency Directive and its article 7) are applied and translated at national, regional and local levels, ahead of and during decision-making processes.

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