[Catch up] Webinar recordings – IEECP on topics such as energy poverty, biofuels and renovation business models

IEECP spoke at several events in June and July, and recordings / summaries are now available (click on the titles to access them).

Energy transition: new business models to de-risk investments and kick start the EU building renovation wave

To effectively de-risk investments in the building sector and facilitate the upgrading of building performance and energy efficiency services in Europe, policy, financing and technical tools need to work together in a coordinated and coherent manner. Front running H2020 projects (Launch, SENSEI, Triple-A, NOVICE, QualitEE, QUEST, u-CERT and REHVA) are working to overcome barriers to achieve the doubling of the building renovation rate needed to reach EU’s climate goals. Read the very good summary written by the Triple A project.

COVID19, economy, environment and health

The effects of the COVID19 epidemic are closely linked to environmental issues from many perspectives. Starting from the most recent evidence and data collected, the seminar discussed emerging trends and try to understand cause-effect links and relationships between the various anthropogenic activities and pollution and analysed lessons and hints for the design of environmental policies able to better respond both to emergency situations as the one we just experienced and to more structural challenges such as climate change and global warming.

Can Biofuels Drive Our Future?

It discussed the expectations about the role that biofuels can play in a radical decarbonization of the EU economy, with a focus on the (in)compatibility between what is desirable (desirability criteria) and what is possible (viability and feasibility constraints).

Decisive action on energy poverty: solutions from across the EU

The webinar addressed multi-stakeholder views on the way energy poverty measures are developed and assessed across Member States. Panel discussion among energy attachés and stakeholders to exchange views on how Members States  continued the important fight against energy poverty, especially in the framework of National Energy and Climate Plans evaluation and update.

Overcoming the pandemic: Energy, economy, investment, health: reset” (recording in Greek)

Vlasis Oikonomou from IEECP joined the event early July to present views from the EU level based on all projects IEECP is involved in in this high level event with 35 distinguished speakers. Also see article in Greek.

Other events where IEECP didn’t speak but on projects we coordinate / partner in:

Finally, we also recommend you check two other webinar recordings of our partner projects, which ended with great results to look at:

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