[IEECP Newsletter] May 2022: heating decarbonisation to alleviate energy poverty and more

This newsletter comes timely, sharing a lot of useful resources when the European Commission is expected to present the RePowerEU package tomorrow, unveiling its Action Plan and complementary proposals. The variety of topics included matches well our portfolio of projects, which results can feed into the package.

We presented to key decision-makers in April some results from various projects researching ways to tackle energy poverty, linked with the future costs under the Energy Efficiency Directive: the event highlighted the key role of article 7 policies and is now available to all with briefings and the recording. We were equally very excited to release last week our 3-part study, commissioned by the European Climate Foundation, on heating decarbonisation to alleviate energy poverty.

Findings remind us that time is running out. We will face a financing gap if we do not bring the EU financing forward to invest in energy efficiency for the low-income groups: governments must align their policies with this short to medium-term horizon and finance energy efficiency upgrades and heating electrification. Market signals, such as the carbon pricing from the new ETS is not adequate for the low-income groups. The reports show that if subsidies for home renovations do not materialise, energy bills will rise by 19% and the EU will fail to reach its climate targets.

Read more about IEECP’s findings and recommendations in this issue and discover the material we gathered to inspire you and hope will feed research and policies.



[REPORT – INFOGRAPHIC] Policies to decarbonise residential buildings in Central, Eastern and Southern EU: impact on energy poverty and mitigation strategies


[PROJECT NEWS] Alleviating energy poverty in Europe’s private-rented sector: a platform to assess the success and failure of EU policies

[AFTER EVENT MATERIAL] Alleviating Energy Poverty through Article 7 of the Energy Efficiency Directive

[AFTER EVENT MATERIAL] Energy poverty and the future costs under the Energy Efficiency Directive: the role of article 7 policies

[BRIEFING – TOOL] The SocialWatt Analyser – Identifying energy poor households across Europe

[AFTER EVENT MATERIAL] ENPOR lunch talk on tailored measures for energy poverty


[PROJECT NEWS] Guiding Small & Medium Enterprises and national authorities through the energy transition by taking profit of multiple benefits and energy management approaches

[EVENT] Towards more energy efficient companies – focus on various industry sectors, June 28, 2022 – Brussels, Belgium

[PROJECT NEWS] The streamSAVE H2020 project addresses five new technical areas to improve energy savings calculations


[AFTER EVENT MATERIAL] Recent developments in the field of Energy Efficiency First

[POLICY BRIEF] How can E1st facilitate an energy system that is aligned with net-zero climate goals?

[EVENT] Energy Efficiency First Summit: How to implement the Energy Efficiency First principle and boost Europe’s Energy Security, May 31-June 1, 2022, Brussels, Belgium


[AFTER EVENT MATERIAL] 1 TW solar in Europe, is it possible?

[PLATFORM] Bioenergy communities, Knowledge Exchange Platform

[AFTER EVENT MATERIAL] Tapping the full potential of community energy in Europe: 9 EU-funded projects join forces to engage users in the tools they developed


[PODCAST] Changing people’s habits

[ARTICLE] Flemish people weigh comfort against energy savings – But how many of these strategies are already part of the Flemish savings palette?


[GUIDEBOOK] What is financial readiness and how to develop a sound and finance ready project proposal

[TOOL] Triple-A Database on Energy Efficiency Financing

[BRIEFING] Ensuring the Energy Efficiency Directive is Fit for 55


[Scientific papers] Paris Reinforce publishes 60 scientific papers since its start, focus on the latest 6

[PROJECT NEWS] Mitigating the climate change impacts and adapting for the future

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